Saxophone Tracking

Saxophone is my first instrument and I have been playing it for thirty years so when it comes to tracking and arranging sax parts for your studio session, it is second nature to me. I play all the saxes from Soprano, Alto, Tenor down to Baritone and can easily work form my home studio or come to you.


Vocal Tracking

More and more I have been working on my vocal tone and have recorded extensively for my own projects and other artists/producers. I am lucky enough to be able to say that my regular job of playing out live gives me time to strengthen and improve my vocal timbre and range every time I play so that in the studio I am quick, professional and receptive to direction.


Song Writing

Send me a finished 'Beat' and I will put a vocal on it. Send me a finished 'Beat' with a vocal on it and I will put a horn section on it. Alternatively, if you need a writing partner who knows music theory and how to write and arrange for a band, give me a call. I can help shape a tune or orchestrate the instrumentation. 

copyright 2017 Jonny Tarr